Networks are the backbone for today’s organization and hence play a vital role in achieving business goals. Failures in network can result into loss of business and reputation thus profitability. Many business applications run on networks like CRM, Email, ERP, Database, etc.

In today’s world demand on better and faster network has increased as business needs and demands are mounting high. Prism Ecomm Services deals and implements Active and Passive components of networking. Active components like switching, routing, wireless devices, controllers, firewall, NMS, NAC, IPS and SIEM solutions. Passive components like Copper and Fibre cabling. We provide you with the best converged network solutions to meet your business needs.

Local Area Network

Flexibility is one of our major strengths in designing systems to fit the client’s needs. In working for a local accounting firm, for example, PES designed a network allowing the staff to communicate within the office, while providing access to internet mail from their clients.

The system is customized to allow the power users in the office a high end PC, while the staff has lower cost alternatives to fit within the project budget.

Wide Area Network

PES strength is in its ability to work with customers to come up with the right solution to their computing problems.

In working for a local city with satellite locations, PES can illustrate how a number of geographically separated locations can be linked together to allow them to share information immediately, solving internal communication challenges. Whether it’s connecting branch offices locally or across the globe, PES can design and implement the best performing, most cost effective network system to fit your business needs.

At PES we understand that every customer has unique needs. The customer is always part of the design process from start to finish, with our engineers educating you every step of the way.


In today’s market, the speed at which you can input and receive accurate, up-to-date information is a major contributor to your company’s financial outlook.

Whether your receiving an order from a customer, creating purchase orders, tracking orders, receiving or shipping orders, checking inventory or just taking inventory doing it all in real-time with mobile & wireless equipment can save you time and money.

PES can not only sell you a quality product at better prices, but, we can also stage, roll-out, install and integrate the wireless technology with your current business systems and provide complete support.

This allows you to receive a complete package from purchase to support.

Virtual Private Network

In some cases it just doesn’t make sense to create a high-cost, wide area network when you can utilize the infrastructure provided by the public Internet. That’s right, you can utilize the public Internet to create a Virtual Private Network of your business.

PES can design and implement a cost-effective, VPN solution for your business.

Network Analysis

Most networks are grown rather than designed. Inevitably at some point during the growth process network performance will suffer. Most system administrators don’t have the time or expensive tools required to track-down and troubleshoot your network performance problems.

PES has the experienced engineers and tools to conduct comprehensive network performance analysis for your network.