Prism Ecomm Services is here to secure your computers and devices, protect your precious family pictures and data, or keep your company know-how safe. We protect users just like we protect our own data, helping them to use and explore all the great opportunities of the Internet. We are proud that so many individuals and companies trust us to secure their digital life.

With Prism Ecomm Services Stay one step ahead of cyber-criminals with the High grade hardware Firewall.

A firewall is a protective system that lies, in essence, between your computer network and the Internet. When used correctly, a firewall prevents unauthorized use and access to your network. The job of a firewall is to carefully analyze data entering and exiting the network based on your configuration. It ignores information that comes from an unsecured, unknown or suspicious locations. A firewall plays an important role on any network as it provides a protective barrier against most forms of attack coming from the outside world.

Firewalls can be either hardware or software.

The ideal firewall configuration will consist of both. In addition to limiting access to you computer and network, a firewall is also useful for allowing remote access to a private network through secure authentication certificates and logins.

With all of the systems out there today to protect our files, there is no reason to be unprepared. Taking the time to backup important info is your best recovery tool.
There are several ways to store backup data and the best option is to store it in a separate place away from the computer. If the computer containing the original data is stolen, in a flood, damaged in a fire or the HD (hard drive) simply crashes, then the recovery backup data will not be in the same predicament.

So go ahead…
…and securely connect to the Internet on your phone, laptop or tablet. If you’re a business user, you can protect your company’s network with ease. At home or on the move, you can bank and shop online without a second thought.
Whoever and wherever you are, we will keep you protected.